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You are in a village situation: some foods are not always easily available, if you order them a day in advance they can be bought for you.

You can also choose for full board: 350 Baht per person per day and you will be cared for very well! If during a full board stay you eat outside the homestay-guesthouse you will be discounted 100 Baht per meal.


1.Coffee or tea, 2 toast, eggs any style, butter, jam
2.Coffee or tea, fruit salad, yoghurt, honey100


Thai Food


Green curry (Geng Kiauw Wan) choose: mushroom/chicken/pork/beef/shrimp (add 20 Baht for shrimp).                          

 4. Thai hot and spicy soup (Tom Yam) choose: mushroom/chicken/pork/beef/shrimp (for beef or shrimp add 20 Baht)80
 5.Cooked with cashew nuts:

Mushroon or chicken or pork or shrimp (add 20 Baht for shrimp)
 6. Stir fried vegetables in oyster sauce (Pad Pak Ruan Meet)60
 7. Stir fried vegetables in oyster sauce with pineapple (Pad Piauw Wan), possible to add meat.70
 8. Thai style beef (Laap Wua)100
 9. Fish Barbeque100
 10. Laos Noodles20
 11. White rice20
 12. Sticky rice20
 13. Fried rice with vegetables60
 14. Fried rice with chicken or pork70
15. Fried rice with beef or shrimp80
 16. Omelet 50
 17. Omelet with vegetables or meat (Kayatsay) 70
 18.No name (deep fried paddies with vegetables and meat)80


Western food

 19. Potato salad with olive oil and mayonnaise 100
 20. 3 Local sausages, a delicious specialty (beef or pork) 100
21 Spaghetti with tomato sauce 80
22. Chips 50
23..Da’s special sandwich (cheese, onion, lettuce, egg, ham, etc.)100




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