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  • Walk through the rice fields with Manida (1 - 2 hours). In July - August probably possible to plant some rice by hand.

  • A walk to a forest temple wih a blissing from the monk (you are expected to donate somhing, talk to Manida what is appropriate, most likely 100 Baht).

  • Visiting several markets in the area (1,5 – 3 hours) (Baan Non Ya Pet, every day, Baan Don Noi – every day but a big market on Sunday; Tha Phra – big market on Monday);

  • A car trip along back roads to the Kosamphi forest reserve (including monkey temple) including lunch at a lakeside restaurant (total 50 km 4-6 hours); During this trip you can stop at a swimming pool of a resort.

  • A trip to Channabot (silk village). This is mentioned in many guidebooks, however in Channabot is only a big shop where you can buy silk and non slik products with a museum of the different silks of Thailand. Much more interesting is a village 15 m along the road where silkworms are kept and the actual weaving goes on. One needs a little luck that the villagers are around to show you their craft. If you don't buy anything, give them a little money as a thank you for showing you the process. We saw silkworms, cocoons, the making and dying of the thread and the actual process of dyeing the silk. A lot of work!

  • A very nice trip is to the Khon Kaen Zoo. The Zoo is spacious, green and unexpectedly interesting. A great bonus is the free entrance to the waterpark on top of a hill overlooking the scenery: green and quiet. This trip can be combined with Wat Samlaan, the Buddhist park. If combined it will take all day: from 9.00 am to 6 or 7 pm. Entrance to the Zoo is 150 for adults and 50 for children (wit use of the waterpark).
  • The Dino Waterpark in Khon Kaen. This brand new waterpark has a 200 meters long sand beach, 4 different spectacular slides, tall waves, a river 400 meters long and a restaurant. Children will love it, a bit pricy though: 400 Baht pp (200 Baht from 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm).
  • Patunaam covered market: everything you want to buy in four enormous halls with fans and airco. Great to buy clothes for yourself and gifts for friends! Very near the Dino water park so easy to combine!

  • Outside Khon Kaen 10 km on the road to Udon Thani is a lovely Buddhist pilgrimage park called Wat Samlaan. Because of the many big bamboos, trees and waterfalls it is nicely cool. It is big: many acres of trees, statues, gardens and lakes. Afterwards you can relax in the shady restaurant. A great place to spend 3 or 4 hours wondering around in awe of Buddhist symbolism.

  • A (motorbike) trip along back roads to famous Wat Nong Wang Muang at Beung Kaen Nakhon lake near Khon Kaen (total 40 km); In the evening there is a very nice market there and you can have something to eat near the lakeside!

  • A guided trip to Khon Kaen city in a sangtauw (non airco pick up truck) or car, visiting markets, the shopping centre, the Khon Kaen National museum and to drink a good cup of coffee and use the internet;

  • A motorbike or car trip to the silk weaving village channabot and beyond (total 100 km, about 6 hours). We used to go by motorbike, nowadays we usually go by car, much more convenient (and easier on your behind);
  • A day trip to the Ubolrat dam and beautiful lake where almost no tourists go, including a swim, a visit to the great Dinosaur museum and lunch at a lakeside restaurant. This is a great all day trip if you want to go further (about 175-200 km in total).  Click to see a youtube movie of the dam and lake.
  • A day trip to "Pattaya 2", a beach on the other side of the lake where you can swim and eat sitting under umbrellas right at the beach. Great all day trip! (About 1.5 hour drive one way).
  • If you want to go a little further you can visit the King Cobra village (about 120 km go and come back) or the dino museum (160 km go and come back).
  • For trips a little further you can also rent a car in Khon Kaen, price about 1000 Baht per day. A car with driver can be hired in the village for about 1500 Baht/day (excluding gasoline). We actually advise this as the driver will be responsible in the event an accident occurs.


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