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Online booking is not yet available.

We are a member of several booking websites, but it is cheaper to book directly with us since booking websites take a percentage of the reservation costs, sometimes up  to 40%. Book directly with us and you save money .....

Our preferred way is that you send us an email with the dates you expect to be in Homestay & Guesthouse Manida and we'll reply if it is possible.

Since the webmaster/account manager lives in the Netherlands, you will receive the email to pay the deposit from there.

Cancellation policy after payment: 80 % refund 40 days or more before arrival day; 50% refund 20 -40 days before arrival day; 25% refund 10-20 days before arrival.

Any questions regarding the booking or the payment please contact us at homestaymanida@home.nl .


Homestay Manida | homestaymanida@home.nl